Assigning Users to Contacts

The people who use the CRM to run their business are called Users. Any time you add contacts to your CRM, you need to assign them to a particular user. This is important for a few reasons:

  • If you share your account, this person won't fall through the cracks and get forgotten when it comes to checking in on them because they'll have a specific person assigned to them
  • If you share your account and have Assigned Data Only turned on, your users will not be able to access their contacts unless they are officially assigned to them
  • When you use replacement values (as shown in the message below), the user's name will only populate in the message if a user has been assigned.
    • Even if you are the only person in your account, we at the CRM designed all of your pre-done messaging to use replacement values, so you need to assign yourself to every contact

Here is how to assign yourself to your contacts:

If you have multiple users in your account, watch this to see how to assign the appropriate user to each contact:

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