How to Integrate Your Google Calendar(s) With Your CRM Account

When you are ready to integrate your Google calendar with your CRM, you can follow this step-by-step process:

On the Settings menu, click on Integrations. Click "Sign in with Google" and follow the prompts to sign into your account (if necessary) and then click "Allow" for Lead Connector to talk to your Google account. If you have a Google My Business account for this email address, it will prompt you to choose your business from a drop-down list; then click "Close!"

From here, move up in the Settings menu to your Profile. Scroll down to User Calendar Configuration. Because you've just integrated your Google account, the CRM usually identifies that you want to connect it to your profile, but it only does this in the "Check for Conflicts" section. You'll need to click "Edit" by "Calendar not selected for sync" under Primary Calendar. This is where you will see any appointments show up, on your Primary Calendar. Choose the calendar you wish the CRM to sync your appointments to and click Save.

Next, click "Edit" in the "Check for Conflicts" section. If you have shared calendars attached to your calendar, such as a family calendar, your partner's calendar, a team calendar, etc, and you need the CRM to double check those calendars to ensure it truly knows when you are available to take appointments, you'll need to check those particular places for conflicts as well. Then click Save at the bottom.

Watch us walk you through this process here:

If you need to connect multiple Google accounts, watch here:

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